General Prenatal Fitness Training Recommendations

I’m pregnant. Now what? This is the most common question we get in regard to prenatal fitness or training. Most people that send in this question embrace movement of some type and train regularly. And they are tired of guessing with training. They are looking for a coach that knows prenatal fitness and exercise. They want a trusted source for prenatal general strength and conditioning — an organization with education and experience. 




Our Top Recommendations for Prenatal Training: 

  1. Shift your mindset. You are in a season of training for birth. This is not about modifying a program that has a different goal in mind. Our number one intention is to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the great unknown that is birth. Your sport-specific coach does not specialize in prenatal training or postpartum rehab. We do! 
  2. We recommend purchasing our Prenatal Training Program and joining one of our Small Group Coaching Sessions
  3. If you are near a BIRTHFIT Coach, then connect. Personal Training with a BIRTHFIT Coach is a very intentional and mindful way to train for birth. 
  4. If you want to do your own thing, make a solid effort to move daily. 
    1. Walk 3 miles throughout your day. 
    2. Maintain and enhance joint range of motion daily. 
    3. Squat twice a week in training. Squat once a week for load. Squat once to twice a week for volume. Keep it light to moderate for both load and volume on the other training days. 
    4. Incorporate pushing and pulling from a neutral spine position in your training. 
    5. Embrace one longer aerobic training session a week — hiking, walking, swimming. 


Please do not Pinterest your prenatal training and postpartum rehab. We are also here and ready to support you through the postpartum period with the BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum and BIRTHFIT Postpartum Training programs.

We have been doing this for quite some time and have worked with athletes and humans of all levels and of all shapes and sizes with all different goals and desires. We are the premier organization when it comes to movement and training inside the motherhood transition as we embrace a holistic, sustainable, effective approach for prenatal training and postpartum rehab. We look forward to supporting you. 


Lindsey Mathews, DC 

CEO & Founder 

@BIRTHFIT  @Lindsey_K_Mathews 


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