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BIRTHFIT Testimonial: A Mindset Shift for a Mom 12 Months Postpartum

My Sons Attend Births

Recently a photo of a little girl hugging her mom before separating from her so her sibling could be born went viral. The comments I read on this photo varied in opinion from those empathizing with this mother to those thankful for not having had this experience. Nonetheless, there is …

BIRTHFIT Movement: Baby-Wearing Squats

We do these because they are RAD!   [vc_video link=”″]  

BIRTHFIT Webinar: Pelvic Floor & Core Health with Dr. Erica Boland, DC

Today, Monday, Dr. Erica Boland, DC will be hosting the BIRTHFIT Webinar: Pelvic Floor and Core Health. This webinar is completely free. Click the photo below to take you to the link!         Links for videos mentioned in BIRTHFIT:

Upcoming Events: BIRTHFIT Around the Nation

APRIL 2015 (CLICK ON THE CITIES FOR THE LINKS)  Venice, CA The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: Tuesday and Thursday at 10am   Raleigh, NC The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm   West Salem, WI The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: Monday and Thursday 6pm   MAY 2015   Ventura County, …