BIRTHFIT Coach Is an Honor: Requirements and Recommendations 

We frequently hear from personal trainers and/or coaches (women and men) wanting to be a BIRTHFIT Coach. However, when we share our BIRTHFIT Coach Education and application requirements and recommendations, many people vanish or have a hard time understanding why we cannot just “let them in”. 


Our BIRTHFIT Coach requirements and recommendations: 

  • Complete the BIRTHFIT Coach Education (online (NEW!) or seminar). 
  • Complete application and submit application fee. 
  • Application must include documentation of the following: 
    • Completion of BIRTHFIT Coach Education 
    • Coaching Certification (One or more of the following: CrossFit Level 1-4; Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise 1 or Weightlifting or Women’s Health; CSCS; NASM; USAW; Power Athlete Methodology – Block One) 
    • CPR Certification 
    • Liability Insurance 
    • Optional, recommended trainings: Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Deuce Gym Coach’s Prep, Birth Educator training, or Birth or Postpartum Doula training. 


I began writing about BIRTHFIT and teaching BIRTHFIT in 2011. I shared it with other teachers in 2013 and 2014. The BIRTHFIT message began to spread. And since then the BIRTHFIT Movement has doubled in size and reach each year. This past year we have made some big adjustments. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality of the BIRTHFIT Movement shifts. It means we hold each other accountable and to a higher standard. We elevate our minds, hearts, and way of doing business. BIRTHFIT Leaders choose to live an elevated lifestyle. 


BIRTHFIT has been my baby. It has been a culmination of my life’s work. The BIRTHFIT Movement has been led by uniquely qualified and curated leaders: BIRTHFIT Leaders that have proven themselves and accepted the honor and responsibility of sharing the BIRTHFIT Movement. They are trusted to carry the BIRTHFIT torch and teach in their communities. 


Know that if you are working with a BIRTHFIT Coach (you can find one here), then you are in the care of someone who has helped raise the standard of what’s appropriate and acceptable in the parenthood transition; they’ve accepted that role and responsibility. 


If you’re one of the coaches or trainers who wants to hold that title, then of course you have to apply and meet the requirements just like everyone else. I respect that you have been training prenatal and postpartum women for a decade, but a lot of new research is continuously coming out. I admire your credentials and accolades, but you still need to complete our BIRTHFIT Coach Education as we are the only holistic training program for pregnancy and postpartum. I honor your journey, but I need you to meet me here if you want to be a BIRTHFIT Coach. 


Once you are an approved BIRTHFIT Coach you will gain access to our BIRTHFIT Leader online platform where you will gain access to all of our resources like branding assets and have the option to purchase any of the BIRTHFIT Curriculum to learn and then teach in your community. For more information, CLICK HERE


To be a BIRTHFIT Coach is an honor. This is a significant role of support during a pregnant person’s most vulnerable time. To be a BIRTHFIT Coach means to facilitate and hold space for the pregnant person to explore and honor their physical body. This role is something I want you to hold dear to your heart. You will get the opportunity to be a part of many journeys, so serve from a place of humility and strength while also honoring your boundaries. 


Thank you for understanding why we have the list of requirements and recommendations. Thank you for honoring the role of a BIRTHFIT Coach. 


We’d love to have you join the BIRTHFIT Community. 


Lindsey Mathews

Founder & CEO 



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