Must Reads for Birth Partners

Is your birth partner wishing they could learn more to support you during your motherhood transition? Check out this list of “must reads!”


The Birth Partner – This birth classic written by Penny Simkin talks about preparation for labor, when to know labor has started, epidurals and other medications used, cesarean birth, and non-drug methods for labor. The book has explanations to show what is happening with mom and baby, and how the birth partner can support them. Each chapter also outlines how a doula would be beneficial throughout labor and delivery.


The Expectant Father – Written by America’s “expert” on fatherhood, Armin Brott, this book is written by a man for parents who identify as a dad or father. Similarly to “The Birth Partner”, this book outlines in each chapter what is happening with the birthing partner and what is happening with their baby. It takes it a step further discussing what is happening with the father during this time, what emotions or obstacles could come up, and how to address them in order to stay involved. This book is great because it also addresses birth partners in the military, infertility, multiples, and the use of reproductive technology.  


The First Forty Days – This book brings Eastern philosophy to the postpartum period by incorporating the “lying in period” of rest and family integration. This delicate time is important to establish a new family unit with both partners while the birthing mom has time to rest and recover. The book outlines boundaries that can be established with extended family members. It also contains recipes that will promote healing during the fourth trimester.


So You’re Going to Have a Baby – This book is for the researcher parent and birth partner. It gives you lists of questions to ask your provider about that you may be wondering about in regard to interventions and practices used during pregnancy, delivery, and after baby arrives. So You’re Going to Have a Baby covers delayed cord clamping, eye ointment, aborted fetal tissue, MTHFR, fluoride, folic acid vs. folate, ultrasounds, vaccines, and so much more!


8 Steps to Grow a Family That Thrives – This book outlines everything that happens after baby as you transition through parenthood and learn to become a family unit. They describe the stages that each birth partner goes through as a birthing parent, non-birthing parent ,and as a couple through in their first few years of family while blending up-to-date research with ancient wisdom.


Fathers at Birth – This book presents the history of men not being allowed in the birthing room to today. However, some partners who identify as men are still unclear on their role in supporting birthing moms. “Fathers at Birth” helps show these men how they can physically, spiritually, and emotionally support moms during birth.


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