Setting yourself up for an Empowered VBAC with Chiropractic Care

If you experienced the joy of having your first child, you probably know that birth can be amazing yet unpredictable. If you delivered your first baby (or babies) via Cesarean, and plan to birth vaginally in the future, now is a great time to connect with a chiropractor!

Some care providers still follow outdated information and fear that the Cesarean procedure will be required for any birth that follows a C-section. However, more and more birth care providers are supporting women through an Empowered VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and even those more conservative hospitals are also seeing the benefits of a mom who has an empowered vaginal birth. At BIRTHFIT we highly recommend making sure you have a daily practice within the four pillars to ensure your most empowered birth; this applies to Cesarean, vaginal, VBAC, or any type of birth!

If you are wanting to do a VBAC, finding the right birth care provider that will support you through one is imperative. You will likely have to do some research; I have worked with moms planning a VBAC that have felt pressured throughout their pregnancy about scheduling another C-section due to care provider’s practices or fear.

One thing you CAN control throughout your pregnancy is preparing your body and making sure your spine & pelvis is properly aligned to hopefully help baby get into the perfect position for you to birth. If you haven’t read BIRTHFIT’s previous blog CHIROPRACTIC CARE AND PREGNANCY: A QUINTESSENTIAL CONNECTION” (1), I highly recommend checking it out on the importance of chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. This blog will explain why it is crucial to have your spine and pelvis checked by a prenatal chiropractor prior to birth. This is even MORE crucial if you want a VBAC! A recent case report in the Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health journal provides supporting evidence on the effectiveness of chiropractic care in addressing pregnancy-related complaints and beyond (i.e., facilitation of VBAC). It has been seen that the desire to have a vaginal birth leads to a quicker post-birth recovery, decreased surgical trauma and rates of endometritis, decreased hospital stay, and improved feelings of wellness for women (2). This particular case study showed that after patients received chiropractic care, their low back complaints were alleviated along with a successful vaginal birth (2). We are now seeing more and more rockstar mamas who are informed and ready to have a VBAC and do it successfully. Make sure as you plan for your empowered VBAC that you address these 5 things:

  1. Heal – mind, body, and soul – from the past Cesarean
  2. Reinforce the mindset that a vaginal birth is ABSOLUTELY possible
  3. Take the BIRTHFIT prenatal Series to give you the information that will empower you to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy & birth
  4. Optimize the nervous system through chiropractic care to ensure proper strength and coordination of the uterine muscles
  5. Properly align the pelvis through chiropractic care allowing baby to get in the best possible position for birth and allow baby to pass through the birth canal easier (3).

When you prepare yourself  for your next birth mentally, physically, and spiritually, make sure you practice the chiropractic pillar by finding a BIRTHFIT chiropractor to be a part of your birth team.  You may find a BIRTHFIT chiropractor in you area by clicking here!


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