Finding the right chiropractor for YOU!

Just like with an Ob/Gyn or midwife, dentist, GP, or child’s pediatrician, a person should be interviewing chiropractors to find the right one for them. We should feel comfortable with any of our doctors and feel that they are a good fit in our lives. I find this to be true in any situation, but especially in the Motherhood Transition – there is a unique vulnerability to this precious time in our lives. I often tell my potential patients that I may not be the chiropractor for them and that I will help them find the right one if I am not. I do not say this to put them off, but rather to be honest. I have a unique style of practice that is not for everyone – and I would rather you have a chiropractor that you love seeing supporting you through your motherhood transition.

The follow list are questions to ask a potential chiropractor if you are looking for general chiropractic care, and additional questions if you are in your Motherhood Transition.

In general

  1. What are your office hours? Does this fit into my life?
  2. Do you schedule appointments or is it better to just drop in during your office hours? Do you offer same day appointments?
  3. What does an office visit look like with you? Is it a 2 minute visit, or is it 15-30? Does it involve rehab or taping as well as an adjustment?
  4. How long can I expect to wait to be seen?
  5. What type of patients do you see? Who is your normal population to treat?
  6. Do you take insurance? What is your cash price per visit? Many of us do not accept insurance – for various reasons – but structure our pricing similarly to what your co-pay might be otherwise.

During the Motherhood Transition specifically

  1. Are you Webster certified? (a specific pregnancy-based technique)
  2. What is your recommended care schedule?
  3. Do you do home visits during this time? What’s the pricing for that and what does it involve? (Personally, if a patient has been under regular care, I do offer home visits with a small travel charge. I bring my table and pillows, set up, treat mama at home and leave. Postpartum, my home visit price includes mama and new baby – it’s often a longer visit with lots of new baby snuggles, talking birth story, and answering any questions that new parents might have)
  4. What are your views on birth?

Take your time to find the right chiropractor for you. You will be starting a relationship that will mostly likely extend past pregnancy and birth and long into the rest of your life. BIIRTHFIT trains chiropractors specifically for the Motherhood Transition, so you can be confident if you check out a BIRTHFIT Chiropractor here you will be meeting an individual that has your best interest at heart.

Here’s to you finding a chiropractor that you LOVE!


Dr. Jamie

BIRTHFIT Dallas @birthfit_dallas
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