Detaching from Expectations

Expectations: We all have them and can be guilty of attaching our emotions to a “desired” outcome. But what happens when we don’t achieve our expectations? We may start to feel negative emotions like anger, fear, or sadness. We can feel resentment and discouraged; lose faith in our self and everything that we once believed in.

“I am not strong enough. “

“I expected it to be easier.”

“It was not what I expected.”

I often hear these negative affirmations tied to birth and our expectation of what we thought our birth story was supposed to end up as.  In return, we start to feel like our body wasn’t strong enough; that our mindset wasn’t good enough, or that the environment around us wasn’t exactly perfect.

Can I give you advice?

Let go of expectations, get comfortable stepping into the unknown, and learn to lean in to whatever the universe throws your way.

Detach from what you think is supposed to happen, whether during birth or in life, and start accepting that whatever happens is the way it was planned out all along. When you relax and realize that you are not tying emotions to an outcome, everything can change. You begin to become fearless and enjoy life (and birth) as it comes. You will learn to live without regrets and see the “good and bad” outcomes as just another stepping  stone on your journey.

“You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up the attachment to the result.”-Deepak Chopra

You will learn to be yourself.

Get in touch with your body and become aware of your thoughts. Let your thoughts come and then go, allowing yourself to do so without getting attached to them.  Become aware of the quality of your mindset, let go of old beliefs, and become more present in the moment.

Your body IS strong enough, your mind IS good enough, and everything around you IS exactly perfect, as it should be.

Disconnecting your emotions from expectations is just the start of learning to live in the present moment. Let go of expecting and learn to LOVE the journey you are on.

Free your mind & all else will follow.

Lacey Wilson


@freespiritchiro @birthfit_tulsa