Meet Dr. Mackenzie of BIRTHFIT Milwaukee


Hello! My name is Dr. Mackenzie Wood-Burgei, one of the Regional Directors of BIRTHFIT Milwaukee and a Chiropractic physician. I am super excited to be a part of the BIRTHFIT world because it takes one of the most special experiences a female can experience—BIRTH—and enhances it to modern day! We, as women, are not fragile, and through evolution our bodies have adapted to handle the extreme changes during pregnancy. Historically, humans have had to continue moving in order to stay alive. Pregnant humans included! BIRTHFIT is important to me because it is changing the status quo that has recently plastered “CAUTION: FRAGILE” on every pregnant mom. In reality, she is an amazing person that deserves to be in the driver seat of her pregnancy, and do what feels comfortable or right for her as an individual.

To me, BIRTHFIT is more than just a tool it’s a lifestyle. I want to help encourage my community, our moms, and moms-to-be, to become a part of this lifestyle and join the movement. The four pillars are a large part of my life and are the foundation that I have built many things off of, including my chiropractic practice. Being able to apply these further is why I am thrilled to be a part of the BIRTHFIT community.

We encourage women to stay active, despite the “fragile state” currently associated with pregnancy. We encourage whole and non-processed foods to gain your vital nutrients for you and your baby, and want to minimize the amount of crap that we are feeding ourselves, and therefore, our babies. We encourage chiropractic to help with movement and stability of our bodies, to encourage a healthy home for baby to grow. We encourage positive mindset, and connection with our baby, ourselves, our partners, to give strength to the emotional component of BIRTH. We are one of the best things for a pregnant or postpartum mom. We are BIRTHFIT.

– Dr. Mackenzie Wood-Burgei, DC

BIRTHFIT Milwaukee

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