Top 14 Things to Do in Your Immediate Postpartum


We are constantly telling moms how important the “lying in” period is, but somehow, this usually gets lost.  We want moms to basically do NOTHING for the first two weeks postpartum minimum.  Maybe it’s because we’re working with some kick-ass moms who seriously love their time in the gym.  Maybe it’s because moms have this sick and twisted idea of what they’re “supposed” to look like during the postpartum period or what they’re “supposed” to be doing.  (It’s probably option B, unfortunately.)  Whatever the reason, being immediately postpartum myself (and having already fielded some questions from other newly-postpartum moms about when they can return to activity), I have teamed up with Dr. Lindsey Mathews (BIRTHFIT HQ) and Dr. Erica Boland (BIRTHFIT Wisconsin) to give you a list of 14 things you can do in those first 14 days postpartum instead of working out.  You can do them in any order you choose.  Enjoy!


  1. Skin to skin and snuggle your baby.
  2. Be naked with your new family as much as possible.
  3. Replenish your body with nutritious foods and drinks. This is not the time (nor is it ever) to do a juice cleanse.
  4. Sip bone broth; try to drink at least 1 cup of homemade bone broth a day for the first two weeks.
  5. Enroll your friends and family in household chores: dishes, laundry, trash, cooking.
  6. Call your chiropractor.  If they do house calls, have them come over ASAP!  Get yourself and your baby assessed and adjusted.  Otherwise, set up an appointment.
  7. Change your pad.  Yeah, you’re still bleeding.  You definitely should not be working out.
  8. If you are not near a BIRTHFIT affiliate, buy your copy of the BIRTHFIT Queen in Training ebook and read it over. This doesn’t mean you need to start it; just get yourself a copy. If you are near a BIRTHFIT affiliate, then register for the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series. Believe me, you do not want to miss out on this class.  It literally establishes a solid foundation for the rest of your movements. There is nothing else like this in the United States.
  9. Once you got your copy of the eBook or have signed up for The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series, set up a CONSULTATION to discuss core health and pelvic floor with Dr. Erica Boland, Dr. Lindsay Mumma, or Dr. Lindsey Mathews.
  10. Listen to The BIRTHFIT Podcast and troll or the BIRTHFIT YouTube channel.  There’s a ton of wonderful free info there!
  11. Just breathe. Breathing into your abdominal cavity and rib cage as opposed to your upper chest is crucial for regaining connection with those parts of your body.
  12. Touch your uterus. Seriously, when you are lying on your back touch yourself and send love and energy to this phenomenal muscle.
  13. Sign up for The BIRTHFIT New Mom Call Series. The next one starts in mid October 2016.
  14. Ask for help!






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