September 2016: Online Coaching

Warm Up

Posture and Breath

Spend 10 minutes abdominal breathing.


The Functional Progression

FP1 x 10

FP2 x 10

FP3 x 10


For Quality

2 Rounds:

30 Seconds Lizard Stretch

10 Air Squats

12 DB Death March



Keep today light to medium. Each set of eight is on each leg. We only perform lifts that we know we can make.


8-8-8 Back Rack Lunges




Complete four, two-minute AMRAP rounds. You pick your own height for the inverted rows. Hold one kettlebell for the goblet squats. Kettlebell can be medium heavy.


4 Rounds, 2 Minute AMRAP:

10 Inverted Rows

12 KB Goblet Squats

Max Cal Row or AirDyne

-2 Minute Rest-



3 x 12 Bulgarian Split Squats with Dumbbells

3 x 60 Seconds Each Side Deep Lizard Stretch




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