August 2016: Online Coaching (Day 11)

August 18, 2016

Warm Up 


Posture and Breath

Spend 10 minutes here focusing on inhaling through the nose and out the mouth. Think of at least one moment in which you have felt gratitude in the last 3 days. Soak up that feeling for ten minutes.


The Functional Progression

Let’s spend 10 reps on each progression on each side.


For Quality…

20 Each, Banded Glute Activation

20 Good Mornings




There are two distinct strength portions today. The first works on Olympic lifting in a very simple drill. If you would like to take from blocks, please do so. Once you land in the power position proceed to front squat. Remember to breathe. For the sumo deadlift, this drill should be short and sweet. For both drills, please warm up appropriately; each will take about 20 minutes. The load for the hang power cleans is up to you. However, remember we only take lifts we know we can make and we stop at 3 reps over 85-90% of our 1RM. For the deadlift, the load should be 50-60%.


12 x 2 Hang Power Cleans + Front Squat

*Every 2 minutes.


8 x 1 Sumo Deadlift

*Every 60s



This is a checklist of things to get done. The Farmers Carry should be heavy but manageable for 50’. Your course can be 50’ out and back or 100’ out and back. The deadlifts should be done in 4-6 sets, so perhaps around the same weight you used earlier. The row should be a little burst of a sprint (80% intensity). The front squats can be taken from the ground or rack. Pick a load in which you can do the set of 25 in 4-6 sets. Have fun!


Complete the following:

300’ Farmers Carry

25 Deadlifts

300m Row

25 Front Squats

300’ Farmers Carry




300’ Death March. Break it up as needed and use light to medium dumbbells.



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