August 2016: Online Coaching (1)

August 1, 2016

Warm Up

Our warm up will always consist of intentional breathing, the functional progression, and a quality movement sequence. It is in your best interest to develop a movement practice similar to our warm up so that you can do daily and even utilize some moves positions during labor.


Posture and Intention

Spend 5 minutes breathing here. Expand belly, ribcage, and be able to differentiate between the two.


The Functional Progression

Please watch this video as to WHY the functional progression and then the actual functional progression video. We usually abbreviate as FP or FP1 or FP2 and so on. Today, I want you to just become familiar with the movement sequence (again). If you have been doing this, then I want you to try to move through each a one 5 or 6 times. If you are new to this movement, try a few at each position and then come back to FP2 and do a few more.



For Quality…

This is done with a focus on quality of movement. Use a chair or wall to help you balance on the single leg movements, but keep the intention and tension there throughout J Use a lighter dumbbell or kettlebell for the deadlifts and use a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells for the split squats.

4 Rounds

7 Each Bulgarian Split Squat

25’ Bear Crawl

25’ Crab Walk




We talked about the mindset and a way to approach heavy single days. Implement that approach now. For some of you, this is not new, and for others, this is going to be a bit of a hard mindset drill to conquer today. If you are new to the group or in the earlier part of your pregnancy, you will most likely feel good after your third heavy single. You will have the itch to do one more. You can do a 4th lift if you know you are going to make it. If there is even a question, then do not step up to lift again.


Walk away empowered and grateful today.


Heavy Single Box Squat





Today is a fabulous training day especially when some intentions are set. I’d encourage you to approach this with a quick pace for the row on each end of the workout. Shoot for 80% intensity on the row. Then, you may have to dial a back to 60-70% for the 4 rounds of kettlebell movements. These movements are ideally done unbroken, meaning the clean and presses and then straight into the lunges. Try to focus your rest between each round. Choose a medium to heavy set of kettlebells.


Complete the following:


500m Row


4 Rounds:

10 Double Kettlebell Clean and Press

10 Walking Front Rack Lunges


500m Row





60s Lizard Stretch R

60s Lizard Stretch L

60s Squat Therapy





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