March 2016: Postpartum Programming Day Three

You body may be really talking to you today. I want you to spend some time nourishing your physical body. Maybe schedule a massage in the next day or two. Take a nice long epsom salt bath tonight. Or better yet, get in to see your chiropractor if you have not already. A really good adjustment and bodywork can help set you on the proper direction to allow your body to heal on its own.
Standing Posture & Belly Breathing. On day one we practiced our standing posture. On day two we practiced our belly breathing while lying on the ground. Today, we are putting our standing posture with our belly breath. Pick a nice slow song or set a timer for 5 minutes. We are going to belly breathe while standing in our ideal posture for 5 minutes.

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Functional Progression Part 1. 
Perform 10 reps with just your left arm.
Perform 10 reps with just your right arm.
Perform 10 reps with opposite arm and leg.
Switch. Repeat.
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Functional Progression Part 2. 
Perform 25 Reps on Each Side.
+Rest as Needed.

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Ninety- Ninety. We are going to continue with some floor, transitional work. This is very similar to the functional progression 2 but more booty focused. Start with both legs at about ninety-ninety (hence the name). To initiate the movement, take in a breath and drive your hips up by push your knees into the ground. Squeeze your booty at the top. Make an attempt to exhale through the whole movement, or at least when you are lowering down to the ground.
10 Reps Each Side

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30-Minute Baby-Wearing Walk. 

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>>> Please make sure you complete week 1 or the first three training days before moving on. <<<


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