March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 14

Let’s start today with some major POSTURE AWARENESS. I’m talking 5-7 minutes minimum. Then, follow it up with some PVC Movement. If you are one that gets super annoyed or hates making time for meditation, breathing, or posture awareness, then you are definitely need this and more. Give yourself a moment to check in with yourself.

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Now, let’s get the bigger muscle groups activated and muscles properly firing. I want you to actually think about the intention of each movement and how it can translate into your daily life.
Functional Progression 2 
10 reps each side

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Cat / Cow 
20 Inhales (Heart forward) and Exhales (Arch Midback)

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Make 5 Attempts at 60s Overhead Object Hold.
Some objects that are commonly held overhead are double kettle bells or dumb bells, rubber plates like 25lbs or 45lbs, a med ball of varying weights, or a sandbag. It is up to you and you may increase with each attempt. Remember, when your form starts to fault then you are done.

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Today’s workout is a unique interval style. Go through the movements with a sense of urgency because you have a minute rest after each little couplet. The shuttle should be marked as 50’ out and 50’ back. Plant your foot and then turn around. For the push press, pick a weight that is light to medium (45lbs-65lbs). For the double kettle bell clean and press, pick a light to medium weight (15lbs-35lbs each).
6 Rounds:
8 Push Press
20 Double Unders (or 40 Singles)
-Rest 1 min-
8 Double Kettle Bell Clean and Press
200’ Shuttle Run
-Rest 1 min-


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Accessory / Bonus 

Have you seen the webinar on the pelvic floor?

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4 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 14 "
  • Janee

    Is the run 100′ or 200′ because in the description is says mark 50’out and 50′ back?

  • Janee

    Did this workout today. I heald a 25lb plate for the overhead. For the conditioning i did 55lb push press and 18lb kb clean and press. I could have possibly done 26lb kbs but i want to control the swing over on the clean more so i wouldnt hurt my forearms.
    The workout felt really good today, im going to rest 2mrw and workout again on friday :)

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