March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 10

***Today there is some time spent in the forward flexion position. This can be one of the more challenging whole body stability movements when the deep core and/or posterior chain are not optimally functioning. If you know you have diastasis recti, then you will want to avoid the barbell bent over row and any of the other movements that may feel uncomfortable. You will want to change to a semi-standing and supported one-arm dumb bell row. Pay extra special attention to warming up your body and when performing the functional progression part 2. Separation is going to happen during pregnancy, but we still want all muscle groups active and playing the game. Train Smart! ***


Get the blood moving.
Let’s start Monday with some full body joint mobilizations. Turn on some good music and start moving. Try to get 10-15 circles, rotations within each joint.
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Move on to some Air Squats and Cat/Cow.
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Movement, Mobility, and Activations 

Let’s spend some time opening the hips. Spend 2-3 minutes on each hip with the Standing Pigeon Stretch. Then, at least 3-5 minutes in the bottom of a squat for the oh-so-valuable Squat Therapy.
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Once your joints are feeling lubricated and the blood is pumping, move on to the functional progression part 2 and part 3. The goal is to warm up the deep core and posterior chain through this innate movement. Really check in with yourself and your physical body here.
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Today is a pulling strength day. The Barbell Bent Over Row 12 x 2. Increase in weight for each set of two as you feel comfortable. Be sure to deadlift all the way up, establish posture, and then find that row position to perform the lift for two reps.
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As mentioned above, if this movement does not feel awesome or you know that you have diastasis recti, then this is a movement you can do without. Substitute with standing dumb bell rows and use your other arm for support.
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For this workout, you have a fixed time that is probably a little longer than comfortable. You also have a certain amount of work (squat and run) you need to get done before you can actually make progress (pull-up reps). This is true of labor, my friends. No matter how long or short the first stage of labor is, there is work to be done. You just have to put your head down, close your eyes, and get in your zone. It is called labor for a reason. We must embrace the work, because I hear there is such a bundle of joy on the other side. 
In 4 minutes, complete:
20 Air Squats
400m Run / 500m Row / 200m Walk / 50 Double Unders
Max Pull-Ups
-Rest 2 minutes-



100 Banded Face Pulls (break them up as needed)

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6 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 10 "
  • Janee

    Just curious is this supposed to be workout 9 instead of 10? It jumps from 8 to 10.

  • Janee

    Yea i noticed it was posted on a different part of the blog, but now i see it all. Thanks!

  • Michelle Brooks

    Strength: Did Kettlebell row (2 per side) with 35#Conditioning: struggled to link my DU’s. Not sure if it was my coordination or what. Last week I was able to link 50 so who knows. I subbed ring rows for pullups. Lots of back today.
    Accessory: Banded face pulls felt good. Also did 5 sets of 2 strict chin ups. Still feeling good despite being nearly 15 pounds up! 19 weeks now.

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