The Mother’s Microbiome Matters- Why Do You Think We Are Doing The Whole 30?

More and more research is coming out that uterus is not a sterile (as in clean slate or start from scratch) environment. The womb in which the baby develops, matures, grows is not isolated. Pregnancy is not a free pass to eat whatever it is the hell you want. In fact, if you are preparing to conceive and start a family, I’d say you need to be on a direct path to optimal health, aka BIRTHFIT.
I get real fired up talking about this birth stuff. To me, the answers are so blatantly obvious. However, I must remember that we’ve (the United States culture) has been brainwashed for years (starting around the industrial period) that women must behave a certain way during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Guess what? It’s the INFORMATION PERIOD now!

So, here’s the deal: The mother’s microbiome matters. (I’m sure the dad’s micro biome matters too but this is about the mother.) BIRTHFIT has four pillars for a reason. Nutrition matters. In fact, it matters a lot. Your nutrition  will have much more of influence on your child’s health and development than the clothes or shoes you wear, the stroller that you get at the baby shower, or the way the nursery looks. I get that all those things are fun and trendy, but honestly, they don’t compare to the importance of a healthy nutritional environment.

You may have your own reason for jumping in with the BIRTHFIT group to do The Whole 30. My reason is to establish a healthy microbiome again. I do this every year, and every time I am blown away with the results. Midwife Thinking has written a beautiful blog full of research links and a much more in-depth explanation of why the mother’s microbiome matters. Read it. It is fascinating. Then, let us know why you are doing The Whole 30.


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