Being vs. Having

I’ve been reading a new book. I probably read about 3 different books at a time. That is, until one catches me fancy and I run with it. I’ve been running with this one book for the last few days.
The author makes a subtle reference as to how the ancient Greeks and Romans referenced people with certain qualities. Instead of saying, “he is a genius.” They would say, “He had a mark of genius. Or, there was genius about him.”

Do you see the difference?

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As Elizabeth Gilbert points out in her book Big Magic, it is the difference in being vs. having.

This is critical to realize for the sake of training the mind. This removes the label from a person. The label is not that persona’s identity but the person can possess a particular label for a certain amount of time. It allows for labels or characteristics to JUST BE- characteristics or labels.

I am not courage.

Rather, I have courage .


Realize that this is less about you and more about the picture. Take a step back and take in a panoramic view. There are too many people in this world for just one person to be a genius. In fact, I know a ton of people that have a mark of genius about them.

Be selfish in this world. Protect your ego. Realize that the only person in this world that hears your self-talk is your ego, so communicate appropriately.





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