What Does a ‘Max Effort Lower Day’ Look Like at BIRTHFIT?

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Not only do we encourage you to consult with your care provider before BIRTHFIT’s programming, please be sure to read our disclaimer and watch the linked up videos. Exercising is an individual’s responsibility. 


Warm Up / Activations


10 Minutes of Squat Therapy.

Accumulate 30 on each leg of Box Lower Downs.


Strength Focus


[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPzaMYjr_v8″]

Find a heavy single in the back squat.

*Only 3 lifts taken at 90% or above; no misses.

*We only take lifts that we will make.


Stamina/ Cardio

5 x 500m Row

*Rest 2 minutes between each effort.


Possible Options

If you are not feeling like intervals today, then go for leisure 1k or 2k row, resting as needed.

Each row interval should be about 75-90% on YOUR internal intensity monitor.



Mindset Practice
Pelvic Floor Awareness


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