Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Low Back Pain & Pregnancy


Pregnancy can bring on many aches and pains as the body goes through many physical changes throughout pregnancy. Hormones released during pregnancy relax ligaments, muscles and joints which can cause instability. Women also naturally gain weight during pregnancy which can also put more stress on the low back.


Women may also experience pain and discomfort in other areas throughout the body such as the upper back, shoulders, neck and ribs, however in this post I will focus on low back pain and how to find relief!

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How can I prevent back pain?


One of the best ways to prevent pain is to move! This may seem contra-indicated but movement will help restore function to joints, increase blood flow and maintain range of motion especially through the back.


It is so important to incorporate corrective and stability exercises throughout pregnancy to provide muscular support to the low back. Exercises such as planks, squats and hinges can help strengthen and activate the core, thus providing support for the low back! Core activation is imperative for low back support!


Make sure you are using your body efficiently and maintaining proper support. At work or while driving, it could be very helpful to use a lumbar support for your chair or seat in the car. This will help you maintain a proper position while sitting, taking pressure off the low back. While at work, take walking breaks regularly!


What Can I do for Relief?


First, start with the basics! Drink plenty of good water every day to reduce inflammation {I recommend half of your body weight in ounces}, exercise daily, get adequate sleep {aim for 8 hours per night!}, eat a diet fullScreen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.02.05 AM of whole nutritious foods and do activities that fill your soul and embrace the beautiful journey you are on!


Chiropractic care can be a fabulous addition to your pregnancy plan. Chiropractic uses gentle adjustments to the joints of your body to help restore proper motion. When used for pregnant women it restores proper motion of the pelvis, allowing baby to assume the best position for delivery! {More on this in a following post!}

Massage can greatly help reduce muscle tightness and increase blood flow. I recommend a gentle massage to help loosen the fascia {tissue covering muscles} which can provide much relief. Also, who doesn’t need some good R&R?!


Kinesiology tape is fabulous for mamas-to-be! This stretchy tape helps lift the skin, improves range of motion, lowers pain pathways, decreases inflammation, and allows more circulation and nutrients to get to tissues. A simple tape application on the low back can provide substantial pain relief! Below is an example of a taping application to support the low back as well as the belly! An experienced practitioner can help find the tapping style to best support you and your body. You can find a kinesiology taping provider in your area at www.rocktape.com.


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I hope this article is able to provide you with some ways to prevent back pain as well as tips for relief! Feel free to contact me with any questions at: abby.kramer23@gmail.com.


Happiness and Health,




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  • Kristen

    Are there any specific stretches you recommend? I CrossFit and have been having irritation intermittently over the last month or so (end of second trimester), but the past few days it has been really painful. I am trying to continue moving and doing workouts that do not aggrevate the pain, but I’m looking for recommendations in addition to that. Thanks!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      First, if you have not seen a chiropractor, then please do so. If you are having trouble finding one, check the ICPA4Kids.org website or we can help you out. Something such as what you are experiencing can be your body’s way of telling you that your alignment is off in your pelvis. Definitely get your pelvis sorted before labor!
      Second, we have videos such as the one below on our YouTube channel. Some stretching, functional progression 2- modified, and bird dog may really help you out.


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