Personal Training in West Los Angeles

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At BIRTHFIT HQ in Venice, CA, we offer one-on-one personal training. Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC and Coach Emily Russak are available to train women that are pregnant or postpartum six days a week.

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Both, Dr. Lindsey and Emily, are experienced coaches and fitness experts. Both are trained doulas and have years of experience working with pregnant women and postpartum women. Dr. Lindsey is the founder of BIRTHFIT.


Some of the most empowering breakthrough moments for a woman can come in the middle of a workout while covered in sweat. Going into labor and delivery, a woman needs to feel confident in her abilities and empowered. She needs to be full of love and not fear. During our sessions, we focus on strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Through our unique programming we allow the mom-to-be to find awareness and intention in her movements and breath, while also increasing her basic fitness level. Our programming is not specific, unless we need to be for a professional athlete, but prepares women for anything that may accompany labor and delivery and motherhood.


Each session is focused on the mom-to-be. Each birth is different, so why shouldn’t each training session? With a variety of movement, weights, volume, and times intervals or length of workouts, the BIRTHFIT mama becomes prepared mentally and physically for whatever the universe may have in store for them.


When a woman believes in herself and her abilities anything is possible.


For more information on training with Dr. Lindsey and/or Coach Emily, please email us at




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