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Recently, I’ve been doing a LOT of taping.  In the past year I have gotten 3 different taping certifications through Rocktape.  Previously, I had always wondered what the point of tape was, and had my own doubts that a little bit of tape could actually impact someone physically.  It wasn’t until I was rehabbing and receiving treatment for IT band syndrome last year, when I became a believer.  Through chiropractic, corrective exercises, supplements, and believe it or not, tape, I was able to fully recover and train for 2 half marathons, among other various races.

So how does the stuff work?  Well, that’s a complicated question and honestly, the world of research is still figuring it out.  Luckily I have had some great instructors, and have done and published my own research to help explain.  To spare you from all the details, in a nutshell tape helps lift the skin.  Kinesiology tape has built in stretch and is very flexible, unlike the traditional white athletic tape we often think of.  Thus, kinesiology tape HELPS movement, instead of restricting it.  Rocktape has 180% stretch built right into the tape, letting it put a nice recoil into the skin, creating more room for the fascia (think of this like a saran wrap cover around muscles) and muscles to glide more efficiently.  In my recent study, we actually found that tape applied in the appropriate manner can even help increase muscle tone and firing, thus accelerating the rate of rehabilitation and helping athletes perform better and recover faster.

Tape can be used for many different things!  Correcting muscle firing and movement patterns, retraining muscle imbalances, pain relief, lymphatic drainage, postural correction, and injury prevention to name a few!  I recently had the opportunity to work with Rocktape at the north central cross fit regionals as one of their tapers at their booth.  It was a wonderful experience and for 3 days I had the opportunity of using tape to help people for various conditions, athletes and spectators alike!  Not only is taping beneficial for athletes, which is what we see the most often….it can be a great support for pregnancy!  Taping can provide fabulous support for the low back and core (a common area of dysfunction for mamas), provide relief from swelling, and improve ranges of motion (just to name a few!)  The pregnancy taping application provides a supportive sling for for to help mamas engage their stabilizing muscles around the core to better support her and baby!  Here’s an example of a pregnancy taping application, one of my favorite things to do: helping mamas be comfortable in their journey!

So there you have it!  Kinesiology tape can be a great tool to have in your tool box.  It is important to note that tape should be an adjunct therapy!  It is important to get checked out by a health care practitioner and address why there is pain and/or dysfunction and what is causing it.  While tape is great and can truly help many conditions, it shouldn’t be the sole source of treatment, especially for chronic conditions.  To find a certified Rocktape Specialist, click here!


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If you are pregnant and in the Chicago area, then go see Abby immediately. If you are in West Salem, Wisconsin, then go see Dr. Erica Boland, DC at Coulee Health. If you are in the Los Angeles area, then go see Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC immediately.




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