The Subcultures in BirthFIT: Where Do You Fit In?

Do you know how to follow the BirthFIT programming?

Do you know where you fit in?


Take a look below. We have created subcultures within BirthFIT. We used terminology that is used in the sport of baseball because, after all, baseball is America’s favorite past time. I also grew up surrounded with baseball so I hope you can relate to it as easily as I can.


Injured Reserve List

Given strict advice from your midwife or doctor in whom you’ve been specifically told not to exercise, run, jump, or cause any unnecessary physical stress on your body. You’ve got a red flag. It’s okay we all got issues or injuries that need addressing at some point in our lives.

  • Red Flag

o   IVF

o   Musculoskeletal Injury

o   Illness

o   Vaginal Bleeding

If this is the case, then you are probably under a watchful eye of your healthcare provider. From the beginning, we encourage you to get clear on what is you are to avoid and what risks are associated with certain movements, even walking. You are learning– this is whole new body and whole new subject matter for most of you. Ask your healthcare provider what is you are allowed to do- specifically things that are in your daily or weekly routines. If you are even questioning that you are in this category, then you need to put down the weights and stopwatch, and check with your healthcare provider.

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You may be have not exercised regularly, but have recently found out you are pregnant. You want to step up to the plate and do what is best for mother and baby. Your lack of experience does not and will not get in the way of your motivation. This category is for someone that may not understand exercise terminology, has not trained consistently in the past 4-6 months, and/or may or may not have a yellow caution flag.

  • Yellow Flag

o   Pacemaker,

o   Musculoskeletal injury

o   Acute illness,

o   Nausea

o   IVF; Multiples

The first trimester will be challenging for you in that finding the discipline and constant motivation to workout may be combatted by the symptoms early on in pregnancy. We recommend personal training with a BirthFIT Coach. If that is not an option, we can recommend classes, other coaches, and/or provide remote programming. During this time, you need someone that knows the human body and can guide you accordingly. Pregnant or not, we would advise coaching for anyone starting exercise again after taking some time off.



You’ve been exercising consistently for at least 6 months and recently found out that you are pregnant. This is may or may not be your first child, but you understand that each pregnancy is unique, as is THIS ONE. You know what classes you like or the style of workouts that stimulate you. However, pregnancy and exercise together is no familiar ground for you. This may be a time of uncertainties associated with exercise and certain movements and safety. We are here to support you.

Women should workout during each pregnancy as long as mom and baby continue to stay healthy and happy. Yes, you will need to make some effective modifications, but there is no reason to stop moving or slow down when your body continues to benefit. Training with a BirthFIT Coach is always our first choice, but there are plenty of other options. Just email us at

Light (Mild) Green Flag

  • Limited time due to career, family, life.
  • First, Second, or fifth child.
  • You exercise with specifics already.

o   Runs

o   Bikes or Spins

o   Swims

o   (Olympic) Lifts

For majority of the women in this subculture, it is difficult for them to slow down and operate at third gear instead of fourth gear from sun up to sun down. We encourage women in this level to slow down and supplement training with something they are not familiar with to help bring balance and restore harmony within the body. BirthFIT encourages each woman to embrace the changes that her body may going through, physical, mental, and emotional. The first twelve weeks of any pregnancy are full of adjustments. Eventually, hormones will level off, blood volume will catch up, and your body becomes more skilled at obtaining and using oxygen efficiently.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.14.06 AM


You train at a professional level. You know this. You may or may not be a professional athlete, but you train like one. The pregnancy may or may not have been planned but you are going to make the most of this situation. You would like to train smart and effectively during your pregnancy, so that you and your baby are the healthiest versions of each you and perhaps your postpartum recovery phase may be shorter. You want to train with intensity and purpose but also do so in a manner that is safe for your baby and you.

Bold Green Flag

  • You invest majority of your waking hours training.
  • First, second, or fifth child.
  • Your knowledge of exercise, lifting, running, or your sport is a great with maybe a little opinion attached.
  • Train Specifically

o   Olympic lifting

o   Powerlifting

o   Dancing

o   Long Distance Running

o   Track and Field

o   Professional Exerciser

o   Swimming

o   Yoga


For BirthFIT Mamas in this subculture, the lack of “competition” may be difficult to shake. Whether it be competing against yourself from yesterday, the girl next to you, or the world records, you have thrived on the notion of competition in the past. And, that is freaking brilliant! However, put it on PAUSE for 40 weeks. This is is no time for “Personal Bests”, although it may happen on some lifts and emotional milestones. The recovery days are going to be just as important as your training days. Nourish your mind, body, and soul.


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ALL: Go outside and play.

Walk, Run, Yoga, Meditate.

Get outside in nature.


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