BirthFIT Movements: The Plank

The plank is solid whole body exercise that will engage in the core.The shoulders are actively engaged and push the earth away. The core is solid like a Chinese Finger Puppet. The legs are slightly externally rotated so the butt muscles are engaged. And, the spine is neutral, elongating from head to toes.
Like with any other movement, if there is pain, discomfort, and you just don’t feel right then do not do this movement until seeing a doctor.


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10s-15s Plank Hold

200m Run/Walk

10 Alternating lunges

*Rest at least 90s between rounds.



7 Rounds:

15s Plank Hold

200m Run/Walk

14 Alternating lunges

*Rest as needed between rounds.



10 Rounds:

20s Plank Hold

200m Run/ Walk

20 Alternating lunges

*Rest as needed between rounds.


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