[VIDEO] The Squat

The All Might Squat.

The squat is the best functional movement and one of the greatest diagnostic tools as a doctor. As a movement,  the squat promotes mobility, strength, and balance. The squat enhances the dynamic function of the pelvis and the pelvic floor while also strengthening your posterior chain as well as all of your spinal erectors. As a diagnostic tool, the squat can reveal any differences from side to side as well as range of motion issues.


The squat is a movement that everyone should do.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY8uscnfU9o&feature=youtu.be”]




Take some time to digest your squat. If you cannot go below parallel, then let’s figure out why. If your heels come up, then you may need to roll your calves. If you happen to flex forward, then your mid back may be the issue. Take some time to stretch and roll out any tight areas and then reassess your squat.


3 Rounds:

50’ Duck Walk (Bottom of a squat waddle with hands interlaced behind head).

10 Push Ups

50’ Duck Walk

20 Shoulder Taps in Plank


1 mile jog



Rookie: Only do 2 Rounds plus 800m run.

Prospect & All-Star: Try to do as written and take breaks when needed.


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