Protecting the Perineum: From Pregnancy to Pushing

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Here is a great article with the pros and cons of things we hear/read about that help with preventing tearing and overall perineum health.


  • Hydrate and keep your diet in check- good fats!
  • Perineal Massage after 36 weeks
  • Sloooooooow pushing
  • Positional adjustments during pushing
  • Counter pressure while crowning with warm washcloth
  • Patience!


EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for 7 Minutes:

3 OH Squats

  • Use a medium weight that challenges you but that you can also get plenty of rest before the next minute starts


2 Rounds:

1 min Sprawls

rest 60-90 sec.

1 min KB swings

rest 60-90 sec.

1 min Box Step-ups

rest 60-90 sec.

1 min. Ring Rows or Strict Pullups

Take a 200m walk before starting the next round


  • Think of this workout as Labor Prep. Work at a steady pace during each minute, but don’t go too hard so that you have stamina left for the rest of the workout. Find that sweet spot of working hard but not too out of breath.
  • During your rest, walk around, take deep recovery breaths
  • IF YOU STILL FEEL OUT OF BREATH AFTER 90 SECONDS, TAKE LONGER TO REST BETWEEN MOVEMENTS. You should be able to carry on a conversation- not be breathless!









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