BirthFIT PostPartum Series Week 1

This is the start of our postpartum series online. As you follow along online, our very Kat Grosshaupt is leading a group of women at Five Fitness in Austin, Texas as they transition from having a baby back into the gym or workout routine of their choice. We designed BirthFIT’s Postpartum Series based on our experience with pregnant and postpartum women that we’ve encountered through coaching, hypnobirthing classes, doula services, and chiropractic treatment. All too often we see women get cleared by the healthcare specialists with no direction as to how to ease back into things. Just because you’ve received the green-light-go does not mean that your body knows what’s going on and can handle things. We’ve designed our series to start with mobility and activations. These next two weeks will be focused on waking up major muscle groups- core, booty muscles, and shoulders.
If you are in Austin, Texas and would like to join the group, please email us or Otherwise, follow along at your home.

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3 x 10

Dead Bug

Bird Dog

2 x 20

Shoulder Taps

3 x 10

Glute Bridges

Good Mornings


4 Rounds

30s Squat

30s Rest


4 Rounds

30s Push Ups

30s Rest



  • Modify the push-ups and squats as needed. Put a ball under you if you cannot reach depth. Use an incline if you cannot touch your chest. Work on range of motion rather than reps.
  • Also, if you are fit and following our site right now, maybe this would be a great warm up for you to make sure everything is firing properly.

3 comments to " BirthFIT PostPartum Series Week 1 "
  • Hi there! I’m new to birthfit and love this idea and it’s *exactly* what I need! I’d love to be following along. Can I sign up somewhere to get your posts in y email? Will you be posting videos of the exercises? not sure whatdead bugs, bird dogs or shoulder taps are. TIA!!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Hi Jessica.
      We do plan on showing some of the exercises in the videos of the weeks to come. However, we cannot show all of them. Eventually, there will be an eBook. If you have any questions at all, please email us at Also, you can visit our Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter. Hopefully, that answers all of your questions. :)

  • Emily Haynes

    I’m 2 weeks postpartum. When would be a good time to start these exercises?

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