Yoga with Jen

Meet Jen Warren. 
I am a yogi, mommy, world traveler, environmental scientist, public relations professional, bar owner and Guinness drinker.

I am a Cali girl, born and raised, homegrown in the California sunshine.

I am a firm believer that mental and physical health go hand in hand. Through quieting the mind and finding your inner voice, I have found my yoga mat to be the most effective place to continually grow.

My personal practice is strong and sweaty but mindful, challenging but safe and intuitive.

I am a certified yoga and pregnancy yoga teacher, trained with Santa Monica-based yoga guru Ally Hamilton at Yogis Anonymous.

My yoga practice has given me a safe place to cry, heal, mature, love, laugh, and grow and birth two babies.

Let’s work it out on the mat.

Jen Wei

The video below is a great general hip opener that you can do during your third trimester (27-42 weeks). Here are a few guidelines  to follow:

  • After 34 weeks, avoid inverting ( Dr. Mathews, DC “Unless your baby is breech and you have been given specific inversion instructions).
  • Can replace down dog with a squat position during flow sequences.
  • Be careful of laying on your back for too long, can put a lot of pressure on your vena cava artery (use bolsters in savasana).

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