What is Hypnobirthing?

What is Hypnobirthing and why do you keep hearing about it? 

Hypnobirthing® The Mongan Method is a philosophy as much as it is a technique. Marie Mongan, a hypnotherapist, used her experiences birthing her children and the theories of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read to develop the Hypnobirthing program for her own daughter and friends. Word of mouth spread in regards to the success of these births and the program grew organically.

Dr. Grantly Dick-Read was an English Physician. His principles are the foundation of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). Dr. Dick-Read holds the theory that fear and tension cause the pain associated with labor in about 95 percent of laboring women.

“There is no physiological function in the body that gives rise to pain in the normal course of health. In no other animal species is the process of birth apparently associated with any suffering, pain, or agony, except where pathology exists or in an unnatural state, such as captivity.”

The idea of releasing fear and worry and then replacing that space with powerful words and imagery help to train the subconscious mind for the task it is about to accomplish. The Hypnobirthing® Method is a complete childbirth class that provides space for couples to practice techniques, birth scenarios, and organize relaxation methods that can work for them as a unit.


Austin, Texas– Kat will be starting her next Hypnobirthing class Sunday, March 30th, 2014.

West Los Angeles, CA- Lindsey will be starting her Hypnobirthing classes in Venice by summer 2014. Stay tuned.


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3 Rounds for quality:

8 feet Bear Crawl

6 strict pull ups (band is okay)

4 Strict Ring Dips (band or boxes okay)


2 Rounds: 

15 OHS Squats

15 Box Jumps

15 Front Squats

15 Box Jumps

15 Back Squats

15 Box Jumps


Notes & Modifications

  • You can do both or one of the workouts today. The first is purely for movement and to maintain strength in certain areas.
  • PVC can totally be used. Otherwise use a weight that you can do at least 15 OHS in a row with no problem.
  • Rest as much as you need between all movements today.



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