The Heart of the Gym

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words….

This photo was posted by DEUCE Gym sometime in the last two weeks. I think I’ve even shared it on the BirthFIT Facebook page. Yet, I still want to reiterate the magnitude of it.

Let’s start at the far left in the purple jacket. That is Vera. She comes to at least half of the classes that her mother attends and sits quietly and watches every move that everyone makes. Tina, Vera’s mother, is the woman with blue Inov8’s on and the killer tan. Outside of the gym, Tina is the owner of a salon called EcoHeads. Tina has made a conscious effort to make decisions that will positively impact her family, and this is one of them. Vera may be young, but she is mighty and can already do a strict pull-up on her own.

Moving to the far right, where the woman’s body almost did not make the photo. This is Grace Russak. Her daughter is, Emily, the woman standing dead center in the photo. Grace had a knee replacement surgery earlier this year and has since joined the gym. Emily is a new coach at DEUCE Gym and avid member of our community. I guarantee Emily would not be where she is today without a driven and motivated mother. Age is just a number as Grace demonstrates. Grace shows up consistently and does her workout without any complaints. Ever. She is coachable and a team player. I see the same characteristics in Emily.

This photo speaks volumes. It shows four different generations of beautiful, strong, confident women. This photo shows women that are eager to learn and even more motivated to make this world a better place. The photo shows the heart of DEUCE Gym. I hope every gym has REAL WOMEN (like these four) that show up and do work!


3 x 400m Run

-Rest as needed-

Strict Press aka Shoulder Press

5 x 5 x 5 (Warm up so that these are working sets.)

-Rest as needed-

3 Rounds 

10 Push ups

15 Front Squats


  • The run can be substituted for 500m Row, but three efforts as well.
  • Strict press should be working sets. So, warm up appropriately and then try to make each set as close in weight as possible but also increasing weight a bit if you can.
  • Remember the strict press involves no legs. Keep the whole foot on the ground and no dip.
  • Push ups can be on plates or boxes or even the wall. Push ups can also be on rings if you have practiced that skill before.
  • Front squats can be taken from the rack or the floor via a clean. The weight should be something that you can do all 15 unbroken on the first round.

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