The Sperm Side

As many of you know, nutrition is a huge component of BirthFIT. That means anything you put into your body from food, beverages, supplements, and even cosmetic products matter. Striving to be BirthFIT definitely requires attention and discipline in the nutrition realm. However, many don’t realize that men, aka the sperm donors or the other half of the equation, can and should be BirthFIT just as well.
In the simplest of explanations, a woman’s DNA and a man’s DNA help to configure an offspring’s DNA. An offspring has their own specific DNA that is constructed of bits and pieces from each parents’ genome. The genotype is the actual configuration or genes that are involved. The phenotype is the traits or the ways that certain genes are expressed. Then there is this phenomenon called epigenetics in which the environment can affect the gene expression. These changes may be seen immediately or in the next generation.

Understanding the above paragraph, you can see why the health of both the egg and the sperm donor are important. The other day I came across an article that highlighted one of the first studies in regards to the nutritional deficiencies in father’s side and how it was expressed in offspring. The study was looking at only one vitamin and was done with mice, but the difference between the two groups of study is enough to grab anyone’s attention.


Here’s my point: If you and your significant other are gearing up to have a baby or find a sperm donor, I highly recommend that you make sure your other half is BirthFIT as well. More times than you could imagine, the reason a couple is having trouble getting pregnant is not from the egg but the sperm end.

Being a parent requires a commitment from both ends, why not start by making sure both the egg and sperm sides of the equation are BirthFIT? 



30 min Run, Row, Walk or 60 minutes of Yoga.

Enjoy moving.


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