Our Experiences Shape Us

While at my local Whole Foods Venice Market tonight, I had the opportunity to experience a blind wine tasting. The tasting was informal and laidback, but extremely informative. We tasted two whites and two reds. After tasting each wine, we discussed and then we each circled the type of wine we thought we tasted.

The really cool part came when we discussed each wine. After the first wine, we each wrote down what we thought about the color, the smell, and the taste. Then, Marla (the expert leader) asked what it reminded us of. She then proceeded to tell us that there was really no wrong answer in describing wines because it was dependent upon each of our experiences and taste buds.

I described our first white as a green apple taste with a straw yellow coloring. Another described it as banana chips while another said a pear hint. The more we are exposed to, the more we have to relate the wine to and describe it.

I thought this was brilliant. And, although I would love to relate everything in life to wine, I holdback. However, this wine tasting is a perfect metaphor of life and how we are merely limited by the knowledge, education, and experience that we acquire.


Think about it.



AMRAP 3 min.

5 Deadlifts

100’ Sled Push (or Shuttle Sprint)

-Rest 3 min-

AMRAP 3 min.

5 Shoulder to Overhead

10 Pull Ups

-Rest 3 min-

5 Box Jumps

100 OH Walking Lunge (10-25# Plate)



  • Rest longer between AMRAPs if you need ot.
  • Pick weights for the DLs, the S2OH, and the Walking Lunges that you can do with ease.
  • Box Jumps can be modified for step-ups.
  • Pull-ups can be done with a band or ring rows.

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