Mommy & Me Classes with Dahlia Greenbaum

Dahlia Greenbaum is educator for families and schools. She uses a holistic framework, focusing on our human capacity to empathize and support the underlying needs and emotions which drive a child’s behavior.
Dahlia, of Berlin Wellness, is leading Holistic Mommy & Me classes for parents of babies and toddlers.  Dahlia is kicking off these classes this week in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles. There is a special Mommy & Me classes on Mondays for those with new babies, and Tuesdays are dedicated to those parents of toddlers.


This is great opportunity for new moms to spend time with their little ones while also meeting other moms. This type of support group is fantastic and you will never know when, and if, you will need the help of another mother or the expertise of Dahlia. Getting to know other women experiencing the same things you are is comforting when you feel isolated and unsure of your abilities as a new mother. If you have never been to a postpartum support group, then I encourage you to check this one out. Dahlia is a warm, compassionate soul and you won’t regret your decision.

Register HERE or to find out more information.


Complete 4 Rounds of the Following:

10 Shoulder to Overhead

400m Run

10 Ground to Shoulder

400m Run

-Rest 3 minutes-


  • This will be a longer workout.
  • The rest in between rounds can be whatever time you want it to be.
  • Pick a weight such as 45#, 65#, or 95# in which you can do all 10 reps in a row at least on the first round.
  • Shoulder to overhead can be strict press, push press, or jerk.
  • Ground to shoulder can be a full clean or power clean.
  • If the bar has to alter it’s path because of your belly, then use double KBs or DBs.



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