Great Consequences

This week I was struck with a gnarly case of food poisoning. I mean it brought me to my knees to the porcelain bowl in the bathroom a good 24 hours. I would sweat, vomit, get the chills, sleep, and repeat. Good times.
Prior to this, I had eaten a handful of foods I normally do not eat. On the regular, I stay clear of grains and dairy. I have for a better part of four years. If I do decide to have a croissant, then I make sure I know the source, and it may be once in every 4-5 weeks. The only dairy I will dabble with is grass-fed butter or ghee.

My point here is this: what if every decision we made about what goes into our body and what our bodies are exposed to had a direct result such as food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhea and stabbing stomach pain?

If you knew that every time you ate a Kasha Cereal or drank a Coca-Cola that you would vomit immediately or have a stomach pain for 24 hours, would you still consume it? There are some people that experience this type of stress on their bodies. However, a lot of the population are suffering in silence and don’t realize it.

Eating a diet that is not clean slowly wrecks havoc on your gut lining. Thereby depleting your immune system. You may have nagging allergies or a tendonitis that just won’t go away. My guess is that you have never really cleaned up your diet.

Inflammation is inflammation. It will manifest anywhere your body is weak. That could be in skin issues, musculoskeletal issues, respiratory issues, or even bowel issues. If you body is constantly fighting little fires in the gut, then it cannot combat a major terrorist attacks such as a virus or overworked muscle.

Think about it. What if every time you forgot to take your fish oil, the alarm bell went off? Or, every time you had a cupcake the hands from above came and sucker punched you? Would your actions be altered?

I leave you with this quote:

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

-F.M. Alexander



AMRAP 10 minutes

5 Ring Dips

5 Push Ups

5 Push Press

20 Walking Lunges



  • Elevated push ups on plates or boxes are great if the belly is too big.
  • Ring digs can be done with a band or do dips on a box a box.
  • Pick a weight for push press in which you can do 5 reps in a row a few times.

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