Someone Inspired Me

Real talk.
I live, eat, sleep, and breath out my passion every day. In fact, I went to the bar Saturday evening and shared a bottle of wine with some friends and talked the current affairs of birth in our country. I was pumped, they were intrigued, and everyone left wanting to be better than yesterday.

However, I can’t lie to you and tell you that every day is awesome. Some days are tough. Some days are so frustrating that I wish I had not been born a fire breather. There are days when a woman will come into to see me and tell me her doctor wants a cesarean section because her baby is getting too big. Or, there are days when a pregnant woman tells me that she stopped weight training because someone told her not to lift over 10 lbs. Or there are days, when I read about the current state of birth in the United States. There can be frustrating days that make me feel as if it’s me against one million of my opposites.

BUT, then there are patients that can come in for a visit and totally make you fist pump the air when they leave. I had a new patient yesterday that was a complete badass. Not only was she a CrossFitter and secret service agent, but she did her homework as well. This woman changed her life two years ago. She took control of her life and changed it for the better. She started CrossFit, cleaned up her nutrition, and basically lived a lifestyle of health. She got pregnant a few months ago and has done her research. This patient is planning a home birth with a midwife.  She still eats cleans, she has chosen no ultrasounds so far, and has continued to stay active. This woman makes her own decisions based on what’s best for her and her family.


Every day I strive to make an impact on someone’s life. However, this woman got me today. She made me a believer. She made me realize there are good people in this world. She revived me with hope.


BirthFIT will make history.


Gig ‘Em.




AMRAP 20 minutes

5 Single leg KB Dead Lifts (L)

5 Single leg KB Dead Lifts (R)

10 Ring Rows

200m Backwards Walk


  • Advanced: 35-44#
  • Intermediate: 26-35#
  • Beginner 9-26#

2 comments to " Someone Inspired Me "
  • Lindsey,
    You are stud, just referred someone to you. Actually it’s a friend from MN looking for someone in LA. She said female, fit, wellness. I said Got it.

    You inspire me.. breathe that fire because there is a lot of heat coming from the other side and our world needs people like you standing up for OPTIMAL LIFE, and CHOICE.

    your bud,


    ps. Spurs blew it. Go Lakers.

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