Women connecting with women.

BirthFIT Basics Workshop

This past Saturday was the first BirthFIT Basics workshop in Southern California. The workshop was at CrossFit Fly, an all women’s gym in Newport Beach, CA. The group of women was openhearted, ready to learn, and even more eager to connect with one another.

As I sat there listening to everyone introduce themselves and tell why there were here, it dawned on me the reason I do these workshops. I host these workshops so that women are able to connect with women. I love being the host of the party and watching the dynamic of the people unfold. Observing the dynamic of women at my BirthFIT workshops is evidence that women want, need, and love the support of women in their community.

Today it is so convenient for us to be isolated. You can go to the store and not utter a single syllable to another human being. That’s terrible! Interaction and communication with another person and a community is a primal instinct. A child thrives when then community supports him or her.

It is only natural for us to be nurturing and caring. Each woman has her own unique style, but by default, we as women nurture. When a group of women comes together in a setting like these workshops, the support net holding each woman up becomes a little thicker. Women find out that what they are thinking, planning, and doing for their pregnancy and birth is not that uncommon and in reality, it’s quite normal.

My heart melts when I am witness to women connecting for the benefit of our future generations.



4 Rounds

5 Squat Clean Thrusters (Advanced: 95#, Intermediate: 65#, Beginner: 45#)

10 Med Ball Slams (Advanced: 14#, Intermediate: 10#, Beginner: 6#)

20 Box Jumps (Step ups)


  • See parentheses.
  • Use a kettle bell if you have bigger belly.
  • Rest 1 min between each round if you are 25-27 weeks are further.

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