Get dirty.

When I was young, I remember visiting my grandma in North Carolina. She lived across the road from a farm. I remember distinctly learning how to milk a cow and then drinking the raw milk. I remember playing outside in the pasture for hours upon hours with my cousins. I remember getting lost in life’s adventures.
Today, a child may get lost in an adventure in a video game or a television show- a false reality. Today, I see many parents try to mute their children through an iPhone, iPad, food, television, or whatever is convenient at the moment. Today, parents are not as concerned with their child playing outdoors as they are without a disturbance happening. Today many families live in an unrealistic bubble in which there is no play outside nor is there catching bugs nor is there making mud pies. Parents are concerned with extreme cleanliness and protecting their child from just about everything in this world- the good, the bad, the ugly.

Life does not happen inside a person’s sterile bubble. In fact, life happens all around the sterile bubble and has no regard if you’ve washed with your antibacterial soap for the day. In my opinion, our hyper-cleanliness is doing us more harm than good. Today, asthma, allergies, hay fever, skin issues, and autism spectrum disorders are at an all time high.

Something is not right.

In fact, a lot of stuff is not right, but I won’t get into everything. Right now, I’m here to encourage you to be OK with a little dirt on your child’s hands or even your hands. During a child’s first few years of life, he or she is rolling around on the ground, reaching for whatever is available, and putting whatever can fit into his/her mouth. This is okay. The little one is introducing foreigners to his or her immune system. This is practice for the immune system. This is practice to distinguish from what is safe and what is dangerous.

I’m not saying go out and just bathe in germs. Play smart. The park is a suitable place to play outside for hours. If a banana falls on the grass, then pick it up and blow it off. All is good. But, if you’re riding the bus and the person next to you is coughing up every mucous membrane, then now might be the time to wash your hands.

Our bodies need to be exposed to microbes and foreign bugs so that it knows how to put up a fight. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses are all a part of life. Life here on earth is not a sterile environment. We must learn to live in harmony with our surrounding microbial life in order to benefit fully. All of those antibacterial gels and soaps are contributing to bacterial resistant strains- super bugs. If we don’t put down the hand sanitizer, then we will continue to suffer from hay fever, allergies, asthma, you name it. We must develop a more symbiotic relationship with the microbes we live with day to day.



2 Rounds

1k Row

20 One arm KB Snatches (or Dumb bell)

20 Walking Lunges

*Advanced: 35#, Intermediate: 26#, Beginner: 9#.

* Take a minute break between each movement if needed.


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  • Mandy

    This screams Jason. I was raised on a ranch northwest of Austin and my brother and I were always outside into something…mud pies were SO much fun to make! I still laugh at how we didn’t have cable tv and the only way we could watch a movie inside was if it were raining outside. I plan to do exactly as my parents did and encourage my children to enjoy the outdoors! I will have to remind Jason of this article when the time comes. :)

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