As industry leaders, we provide fitness programs for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum to cultivate connection and enhance awareness in a woman’s body through safe, intentional movement.

Here’s what we’re about:

Within the  seasons of life, our training respects and honors the pregnant and postpartum body. 

BIRTHFIT is a state of readiness and willingness to surrender and trust. The transition into motherhood and parenthood is perhaps the most physical, mental, and spiritual experience of any human’s life. We want you to be ready in body, mind, and soul so that you may truly experience this shift within your heart and on a cellular level. Birth is a sacred rite of passage that asks us to not only believe in ourselves but also God.

No one is going to save you. But we will hold your hand, make you food, and spot your lifts. It’s your mountain to climb. 

BIRTHFIT is as much a movement as it is a lifestyle. It’s about humans of all different sizes, shapes, races, and religion taking responsibility for their bodies and owning their decisions, while at the same time, holding space and supporting one another’s decisions and journeys. 

BIRTHFIT is a community of space holding, education sharing, human empowering, intuition supporting, choice advocating, creative moving, earth changing PEACEFUL WARRIORS.

BIRTHFIT is a safe space. We are a team of leaders, educators, doulas, practitioners, coaches, therapists, men, and women involved in our local communities and part of the greater BIRTHFIT Community. We lead by way of action. We do not tolerate hate, violence, racism, harassment or mistreatment, laziness or blaming, and fear mongering. 

We lead from our heart with our values in sight. 

Our nine core values: 

 Movement     Open    Connection

Grounded       Leadership     Balance

Surrender         Ownership       Awareness 

Trying to Conceive? 


  • Congratulations! It’s a new and different season. Once we find out we are pregnant, we shift our mindset and begin training intentionally for this transition. Birth will perhaps be the biggest athletic event of any woman’s life. This is why we train mind, body, and soul so that we may embrace the greatest unknown of birth.
  • The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Program is a full term strength and conditioning training program. Looking for virtual coaching during your pregnancy? Check out our add-on coaching option HERE.
  • This is a beautiful time to reset and recalibrate your body. We do this by consuming nourishing foods and intentional, gentle movement. Our favorite phrase in the first year postpartum is slow is fast
  • Our ideal rehab training would start with the BIRTHFIT Lying In and following the Postpartum Timeline. Followed by the BIRTHFIT Basics: Postpartum program and continued with the BIRTHFIT’s Postpartum Program
  • Our condolences for your loss. Please know we are here when you need us. At this time, we’d strongly recommended  that you download our Infant Loss Plan
  • Reach out to your local BIRTHFIT Leader for additional support options. 





Take a listen to Lindsey, founder and CEO, as she shares about the mission of BIRTHFIT.
We are here to lead the industry in training for birth and rehabilitating after giving birth.