The BIRTHFIT Team consists of individuals who have made it their mission to shift the perspective around strength and conditioning within pregnancy and the initial year postpartum. This team stays motivated to deliver the highest quality holistic training programs.

Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC

Founder and CEO

Lindsey Mathews is a doctor of chiropractic, birth doula, NLP practitioner, and strength and conditioning coach. Lindsey started BIRTHFIT in 2011 as a blog with a deep desire to support and educate all humans throughout the motherhood transition. BIRTHFIT started expanding in 2014 and since then has doubled in size each year. BIRTHFIT is a movement!

Lindsey currently calls Austin, TX home where she takes on personal training and doula clients as well as teaches the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series. Lindsey’s roster and schedule fills up in advance, so be sure to visit to schedule your consult or session with her. Lindsey is a passionate believer in magic and love, views every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, and is a woman in pursuit of truth through food, travel, and relationships.

Lindsey’s core values are LOVE, GROWTH, FREEDOM, RESPECT, and CONNECTION.


Leah Barto

Online Program Director & Coach Staff

Leah is a gym owner, strength and conditioning coach, and a birth doula. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Leah, her husband Aja, son Kai and their two dogs still call Houston home. Leah started coaching in 2010, and they opened their affiliate in 2012. 

In addition to loving the entire birthing process, Leah has always been most passionate about supporting women through the ebbs and flows of life. Leah especially loves coaching movement and educating women on healthy lifestyles to support them through their female cycle, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journeys. She enjoys any opportunity to learn, travel, connect, love, and have deep, meaningful conversations.

Leah’s core values are connection, mindfulness, empathy, courage, and boundaries.

Kat Haggerty

Administrative Director

Kat (short for Kathleen) is a BIRTHFIT Coach, group fitness instructor, owner to Cam the Dog, founder to Chartered Creatives and ultimately a connector of people. She has a passion for her family, friends and strangers alike.

She claims to be built to talk but also built to learn and listen. She is constantly seeking the best for every human and strives to push others to find their purpose and passions through conversations and connections.

Behind the scenes admin work is something her company was founded on and works hard for fluidity and organization!

Melissa Guevara

BIRTHFIT For Everyone Director

Melissa is the power behind BIRTHFIT for Everyone which is a nonprofit agency providing physical, emotional, and informational support and advocacy for birthing people during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Melissa is a Special Education Administrator and BIRTHFIT Coach. She currently resides in Fairfield, California with her husband and son.

She has helped create the mission of the non-profit that will provide equitable access to prenatal and postpartum care and education to all birthing people throughout the parenthood transition so parents can make informed and empowered decisions about their body and their baby.

Melissa’s core values are INCLUSION, ADVOCACY, and CONNECTION.

Sarah Emmert

Blog and Content Director

Sarah Emmert is Blog and Content Director for BIRTHFIT. She and her husband live in Raleigh, NC with their three boys. She has a life-long love of functional movement, fitness, and wellness that expanded to include BIRTHFIT after her first pregnancy.

Sarah’s core values are respect, communication, movement, and constant learning.