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Expectful Meditation & Sleep (downloadable app)

If you’re a hopeful, soon-to-be, or new parent… you probably have a lot on your mind. You wonder how your baby will grow up, and the world your baby will grow up in. The good news is, practices like meditation can help you shape both.Expectful was designed with your mind in mind. With the largest library of meditation and sleep content for fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood, our app is your trusted companion on one of life’s most challenging and beautiful transformations.

Years ago, nutrition during pregnancy wasn’t as important as it is today. Then, research showed how the food we eat impacts every stage of the reproductive journey. It wasn’t long before pregnant women around the world cut down on cocktails and opted for healthier food. Today, new research is emerging to help us understand fertility and prenatal care. This time, it’s about minds. And just like a prenatal vitamin, meditation is scientifically proven to help both you and your baby.

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