Eco Postnatal Care Set





Created by Valerie Lynn the Tanamera Postnatal Care Set will help you have insight of how these particular products, when used in combination, accelerates a new Mother’s recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. The products contain ingredients that are 100% natural with no additives or artificial elements. The body absorbs, processes and prioritizes the usage of the herbal ingredients in such a way that, so they assist with the facilitation, and acceleration, of the release of the retained elements of water, fat and flatulence that the boy no longer needs to support a growing baby, as it transitions back from a pregnant to a non-pregnant state. Tanamera’s Postnatal Care Set is inspired by two of the most well-known after birth recovery philosophies, practices and traditions in the world, Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic; and one of the least known, but most holistic, the Malay. See more about the contents of the box HERE

Creator:  Valerie Lynn  |   Cost: $199

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