Daysy Fertility Tracker




Daysy Fertility Tracker

Daysy is a fertility awareness-based method (FABM) of family planning. FABMs are the most natural way for women to learn about their own individual menstrual cycle and to find out when they are fertile. All FABMs are based on precise calculations of fertile and infertile days in the menstrual cycle with reference to natural physiological indicators. The rise in popularity of FABMs are a response to women’s growing need to make their own decisions about their bodies and to regain a feel for and trust in the signals their bodies are providing.

As a medical device and lifestyle fertility tracker, Daysy allows women with the desire for a health-conscious lifestyle to monitor their individual menstrual cycle and determine their fertile and infertile phases in natural harmony with their body. Daysy is a reliable and scientifically supported method allowing women to accurately differentiate their fertile phases from infertile phases based on a sensitive basal body temperature measurement. Through an intelligent algorithm based on scientific studies and knowledge, years of experience, and sophisticated technology, Daysy offers the highest quality, reliability, and precision for fertility tracking. As a direct result, Daysy is trusted and recommended by its users. Daysy was developed as a medical device, is registered accordingly, and is continuously monitored by a certified quality management system. Daysy is to be used to facilitate conception and track the menstrual cycle.

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