Become a Coach

Become a Coach

If you coach, serve, and support women, becoming a BIRTHFIT Coach is for you.

BIRTHFIT focuses on movement. We are industry leaders in strength and conditioning, prehab and rehab, and staying on the forefront of training in the motherhood transition.




BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar

This is a live, in person seminar in which you’ll be expected to fully show up and participate. We do expect you to have completed and/or be enrolled in the BIRTHFIT Education to attend this  seminar. This is a two day experience- Saturday and Sunday with an hour and a half for lunch each day. 

Who is the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar for?

Anyone who coaches and teaches movement to people going through the motherhood transition. We want to share our BIRTHFIT Movement with all! 

Where and when are the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminars?

In 2021, we will host all seminars in Katy, Texas at Behemoth Gym. We will host seminars three to four times in 2021 (quarterly). At this time we do not offer a virtual option to become a BIRTHFIT Coach. 

Upcoming dates for 2021:
June 5-6, 2021 – Saturday (10am to 5pm) and Sunday (9am to 4pm)
September 4-5, 2021 – Saturday (10am to 5pm) and Sunday (9am to 4pm)

Becoming a BIRTHFIT Coach


    • One-page resumé relevant to your coaching experience
    • Copy of coaching-related certification(s)
    • Copy of insurance (YOU must be the insured named on the document, NOT your gym)
    • Proof of valid CPR Certification
    • Copy of your liability waiver that you have clients sign
    • Three book summaries- half a page to pull page in length each


To become a BIRTHFIT Coach, you will need to… 


  • Complete the BIRTHFIT Education (online course) that is included in your purchase of the Seminar.  
  • Submit an application to become a BIRTHFIT Leader.  
  • Attend a LIVE BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar. 
  • Submit an application to become a BIRTHFIT Coach. 


BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar Objectives 

  • Understand our intention is to program and coach general strength and conditioning for all seasons and cycles of life, including preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum.
  • Learn and practice the BIRTHFIT Basics and gain confidence teaching the movements and poses.
  • Be a student of breathwork and gain confidence in leading breathwork exercises.
  • Get familiar with conversations around the core and pelvic floor.
  • Improve your own programming in general strength and conditioning for women.
  • Become familiar with coaching women throughout each trimester in pregnancy, and returning postpartum, trying to conceive, and healing from a loss.
  • Practice drills and receive feedback on being a coach.


Benefits of being a BIRTHFIT Coach 

  • Gain access to the latest pregnancy and postpartum fitness and movement research, education, and experience via our community and resources. 
  • No application fees or yearly renewal fees. 
  • Re-certify every three years.
  • Listed in our BIRTHFIT Directory along with other coaches, healers, doctors, therapists, doulas, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and more. 
  • Option to purchase and teach our signature series-  the BIRTHFIT Prenatal and Postpartum Series curriculum for pregnancy and postpartum. 

BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar (including BIRTHFIT Education): $1795 




*If you are a renewing Coach and you are already in the Leader Education please be sure to contact us to register for the SEMINAR ONLY.