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Now you can be BIRTHFIT from wherever you are.

Our online coaching programs are designed by doctors, coaches, and mothers, and deliver fitness & mindset practices to your inbox weekly, so you can follow along at your own pace. Train intentionally for pregnancy and recover intentionally postpartum. There’s nothing else like this out there. We don’t modify for pregnancy or postpartum; we train for it. #movementislife

BIRTHFIT does not accommodate refunds or transfers for seminars, remote consultations, or online programs. 


Before the Bump Program

Prenatal Online Program

Postpartum Online Program

Cost: $399

Six-Week PreConception Lifestyle Program

This six week course is designed to provide women and their partners with a comprehensive guide to supporting optimal health as they prepare for pregnancy.

This program has one lesson (webinar) per week along with suggested homework. There are three training days a week for those with or without a barbell. 

Throughout this course you will gain a basic understanding of the female cycle, hormones, and their function. You will discover simple and efficient nutrition and supplementation. Of course we will embrace a discussion about movement and how a sedentary lifestyle can potentially impact fertility and pregnancy. And, by the end of this program, you have developed an awareness to of potential toxic exposures and how to minimize them. This program will give you the tools to implement change and embrace confidence to have the tough conversations with not only yourself but also your healthcare team.

Implementing lifestyle changes is a process and it’s about progress NOT PERFECTION. Keep moving forward and know that each small step you take is contributing to long term health for you and the family you are creating.

Cost: $269 for the entire program

Full-term online training program for the pregnant athlete. 

We believe women should embrace proper strength and conditioning training while they pregnant. In fact, it is the most important time in your life to train and nourish your body. We’re here to support you.

This program consists of four training sessions per week for thirty-six weeks (144 training days).

We recommend beginning this program just as soon as you find out you are pregnant between six and ten weeks. Each session includes a Warm Up, Strength, Conditioning, and Accessory Work. Content is accompanied by BIRTHFIT videos, explaining and demonstrating points of performance along the way. We’ve also thrown in a bunch of extra goodies to keep your mind, body and spirit growing and preparing for birth along with your body.

Please note: this a strength and conditioning training program for the pregnant intermediate to advanced to professional athlete. If you would like a training program specific to you and your sport, then  you will need to email to get more information. 

“I had to put my big girl panties on to get the accessory work Bulgarian squats done! Glad I did but they sure were tough in the moment!” —Anna, after Day 7 of the Prenatal Online Coaching Program

Cost: $229 for the whole program

Our 15-week program for the postpartum mom.

We believe women deserve adequate rehab and movement guidance after birth, vaginal or cesarean. Unfortunately, there is no standard of care or rehab for women in their first year postpartum. We are here to guide you.

This program consists of three sessions per week, for fifteen weeks (45 training days).

We recommend training every other day (Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday). Each session has a daily breath work, proper strength training, and smart conditioning. Get yourself moving from baby back to the gym. This program is designed to set a solid foundation of sustainable, efficient movement.

Connect with other mamas by using #BIRTHFIT. Feel free to post your experiences, thoughts, frustrations and encouragements as other mamas are sharing the same ups and downs with you throughout the postpartum journey .

“I’m liking the program so far and the best part is it doesn’t take long–I can do this while she’s napping or rolling on the floor next to me. It’s really interesting how I can literally feel my body being strengthened from the inside out when I do the breath work coupled with movement. I am re-learning how to maximize my breath and core’s potential…” — C.K. after Day 3 of our Postpartum Online Coaching Program