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We’re so excited for you to join the BIRTHFIT movement and work with one of your local resources.  Here’s what you need to know:

BIRTHFIT Regional Directors teach the BIRTHFIT curriculum, which includes our childbirth education class (BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series), various postpartum rehabilitation courses (BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series, BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series: Breath & Flow), the BIRTHFIT Workshop, and one-on-one BIRTHFIT Basics Consultations. These individuals have been competitively selected and also serve as resources within their communities to help you find the help you need as you navigate the Motherhood Transition. They’ve taken either (or usually both) the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar or BIRTHFIT Professional Seminar as well as additional and ongoing continuing education courses to support their learning. They renew their position on a yearly basis, including yearly training, as well as maintain their additional status as a BIRTHFIT Coach or BIRTHFIT Professional.

BIRTHFIT Coaches have taken the weekend BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar and are ready to help guide you through fitness in the Motherhood Transition.  From mindset to barbell, they’ve got you covered! They’ve been educated in the BIRTHFIT four pillars: fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection, and how to apply those to your workout routine. BIRTHFIT Coaches have chosen to support the BIRTHFIT movement through their membership, and renew their credentials every three years.

BIRTHFIT Professionals have taken the weekend BIRTHFIT Professional Seminar alongside various other professionals who are passionate about using their craft and practice to support women throughout the Motherhood Transition. More than a technique, they learn how to apply the BIRTHFIT four pillars of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection to their patients or clients; how to collaborate with other providers in their communities to best serve these woman; and how to support a woman physically and non-physically as she undergoes the vast changes of pregnancy and postpartum. BIRTHFIT Professionals have chosen to support the BIRTHFIT movement through their membership, and renew their credentials every three years.