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Movement for Labor: Lunges

Watch the video below to find out why lunges are such an amazing movement for labor!   Get Started Below Online Programs: Consultations: Directory:

Dave of BIRTHFIT Hawthorne Discusses Sleep

BIRTHFIT New Mom Call Series With Nicole

  The lovely new mother Nicole Foster (CPT, BIRTHFIT Coach, igolü® Leader) will be leading the BIRTHFIT New Mom Call Series. WHAT IS THIS?  This is ideal for new moms that are 0 to 6 months postpartum. This is safe space where you can become rooted in your foundation, secure in …

What is the Meaning of Queen-in-Training?

Behind “Queen-in-Training”   Ever wonder why we call our Postpartum Training Program “Queen-in-Training?” This is actually a VERY intentional title and the explanation may blow your mind. The distinction of Princess, Queen, and Queen-in-Training comes from Marc David and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. These 3 archetypes (universal …

You Make this Community! Thank You!

WORKOUT  Eat quality food.  Engage in Conversation.  Practice Traditions.  Be grateful for those in your life.  Love.     

Basically, don’t suck at life.

Today I saw a lady look me directly in the eye and leave her grocery-shopping cart out in the parking lot. I was amazed, pissed, and disappointed in her as a human being even though I did not know her. I know I was giving her the look of a …