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BIRTHFIT Testimonial

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A Look Inside our Programming

Many women and men assume that they know how BIRTHFIT training goes. Many coaches assume that if they make a few modifications here and there that all is well for the pregnant mother. Many doctors, birth educators (I’m a birth educator so no disrespect), and midwives assume that as long …

What Are the Upper Limits?

    Let’s Talk Training Awareness   We talk a lot about training. In fact, I try to keep the conversation very positive, empowering, and uplifting. I believe in the power of your environment and self-talk. However, just as in regular training, it is important to know when too much …


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The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series

As February comes to a close, there are a handful of BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series that wrapped this week. To me, this is closure on such a special, empowering series and the birth of confident new mothers. For many of these moms this is the start to their fitness journey. For …

Birthfit Affiliate: Missy Quest of Staten Island, NY

Marissa (Missy) Quest RN, BSN Registered Nurse, BirthFIT Personal Trainer & Postpartum Series Coach I am Missy, otherwise known as the Wodwitch. I am a new mom, Registered Nurse, CrossFitter (Level 1 Coach), Yogi (200 hour Instructor trained), Reiki Master and lover of cats. I am a New York City …

Birthfit Movement: The Push Press

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BIRTHFIT Movement: Push Up Variations

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BirthFIT Movement: Warm Up

Below is a general warm up that you can do alone a few times through or add to the warm up that you already do. This is a general dynamic warm up just to get the blood moving a little bit. On days where you feel unmotivated or just not …

Bringing Sexy Back

Bringing SEXY Back! Sex brought that baby into this… now, let sexiness help that baby out! Seriously, though.  One of the most important yet oft-ignored ingredients to a rockin’ labor and delivery is a sexy, intimate mood. I’m not saying you have to have sex while in labor (although some women …