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Are Your Daily Practices Creating Space for You To Evolve?

  We all love a sense of completion: arriving, finishing, mastery.  Just the other day, I made a checklist and included things I had recently accomplished just so I could get the satisfaction of checking them off my list.  True story.   But BIRTHFIT’s four pillars – fitness, nutrition, mindset, …

#BIRTHFIT, What Exactly Does It Mean?

#BIRTHFIT: This hashtag has come to mean so much.  It’s a way for moms to connect with other moms who are in their same or similar situation.  It’s a way to encourage others.  It’s a way to engage in meaningful conversations that might otherwise not have been started.  It’s a …

September 2016: Online Coaching

Warm Up   Posture and Breath Send 5 minutes breathing.   The Functional Progression We have uploaded a few new videos, so if you are feeling confident in functional progression 1-4, then try out five and six today.   FP1 x 10, FP5 x 10 FP2 x 10, FP6 x …

GAMEPLAY: Creating Your Epic Postpartum Plan

Gameplay – Creating Your Epic Postpartum Plan My husband is a huge fan of Tim Ferris. He listens to his podcast religiously. Last fall as we hopped into the car and set out for our baby-moon Tim Ferris’ podcast began to play. I sighed and rolled my eyes, not wanting to …

BIRTHFIT Movement: Farmers Carry

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BIRTHFIT eBook: The Real Deal

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Bump Day with BIRTHFIT


Looking Inside Your Physical Body

Basal Body Temperature   Women want safe ways to investigate as to what is going on within their bodies throughout pregnancy. No matter how much you’ve educated yourself and no matter how many books you’ve read, doubt creeps in here and there. Our goal is to not let doubt run …

BIRTHFIT Q and A Friday: Miscarriage, Movement, and First Trimester

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