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BIRTHFIT’s Intention for 2016

    This past year I’ve personally grown so much. In a nutshell, I dove deeper into what makes me more the optimal version of myself. We all have experiences and stories that will melt an audience, but I truly believe each one of has a gift/calling/magic that makes us …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: Common Signs of Labor?

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BIRTHFIT Webinar: Eating Psychology with Melissa Hemphill TODAY!


BIRTHFIT Webinars: Eating Psychology with Melissa Hemphill

        This coming Monday will be the first of many future BIRTHFIT Webinars. Melissa Hemphill, of BIRTHFIT Florida, will be leading an awesome webinar on the topic of food and emotions and the connections to you and your baby. Melissa is a captain in the Air Force, …

BIRTHFIT Q and A: What Evidence Do You Have to Support Exercise?

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BIRTHFIT Movement: Simple PVC Warm Up

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July 16th: Pure Bliss

Today started out as any typical Thursday for me. I wake up. I create the most perfect coffee. I feed Angel Kitty so she stops yelling/meowing. I mobilize. I check for emergency phone calls. I mobilize more and walk down the street to the gym. I take class at DEUCE …

Happy Mother’s Day!

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BirthFIT Movements: The Plank

The plank is solid whole body exercise that will engage in the core.The shoulders are actively engaged and push the earth away. The core is solid like a Chinese Finger Puppet. The legs are slightly externally rotated so the butt muscles are engaged. And, the spine is neutral, elongating from …