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BIRTHFIT Podcast Episode 106 Featuring Juan Guadarrama

  [0:00:00]   Lindsey: All right, guys! Thanks to our sponsors, Original Nutritionals. Our friends at Original are on a mission with us to walk the walk when it comes to human betterment. They’ve created a brand founded on pure basic essential supplements that have ingredient labels you can understand. …

BIRTHFIT Testimonial: Laura D from Atlanta, Georgia

Heart Rate and Cardiovascular Changes During Pregnancy

The pregnant woman’s body undergoes massive physiological changes during pregnancy and one of the most fascinating systems to talk about is the cardiovascular system.  By about 16 weeks, resting cardiac output (the amount of blood your heart can pump) increases from about 5 to 7 liters of blood per minute. …

BIRTHFIT Testimonial: Aubrey of Dallas, TX

BIRTHFIT Testimonial: Sarah of Dallas, TX

BIRTHFIT Testimonial: Oklahoma City Postpartum Series

BIRTHFIT NC’s New Location!

  BIRTHFIT NC has a new home!  But really, it just finally has a home.  I’ve been running all of the BIRTHFIT courses out of my chiropractic office since the first Postpartum Series in 2014.  And while they still occupy the same address, I now have a large area where …

BIRTHFIT Testimonial: Oklahoma City Postpartum Series


Self-doubt is one of those things everyone at some point struggles with. As a chiropractor specializing in women’s health and interacting with pregnant and postpartum clients, it becomes even more apparent. I recently had a mom who was at the mid-point in her pregnancy tell me that she was starting …

BIRTHFIT Milwaukee New Mom Testimonial