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BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar February 10-12th

BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar This seminar is a strength and conditioning seminar for those that work with pregnant and postpartum athletes. This is ideal for coaches, personal trainers, and anyone that works with women in the fitness world. A ton of information has been compacted down into three full days. The …

BIRTHFIT eBook: The Real Deal

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The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series

As February comes to a close, there are a handful of BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series that wrapped this week. To me, this is closure on such a special, empowering series and the birth of confident new mothers. For many of these moms this is the start to their fitness journey. For …


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Does Perfectionism Have a Hold on You?

If you are a BirthFit mama, soon-to-be mama, eventual mama, or even grand-mama, I’m certain you have a perfectionist tendency.  That’s because perfectionism exists, to some extent, in all of us.  We measure ourselves against this standard and, unless you have actual superpowers, we typically fall short.  I’d like to explore the cascade …

[VIDEO] Hayley’s Birth Story

  Hayley has been a competitive CrossFitter in the UK for a few years now. It was a blessing in disguise when she found out she was pregnant. Hayley reached out to BirthFIT because she had a few goals in mind. She wanted a way of training that would allow her …

Meet BirthFIT Regional Director: Lindsay Mumma, DC

Meet Lindsay Mumma, DC- our Regional Director for the North Carolina region! She is a mother, wife, chiropractor, and CrossFitter. Check out her bio on our website, and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.   Be Informed. Give Consent. By Lindsay Mumma, DC During my childbirth class, …

The Perfect Labor and Postpartum Food

  Bone broth is probably the world’s perfect food, and one that you should be enjoying daily, pregnant or not. It does wonders for digestion, is ultra healing, and is a nutrient powerhouse. During labor, Bone broth can provide you with energy, ease nausea (due to the gelatin content), and …